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Instant essays p. 2

Now we need to get the text found in electronic form. This can be done in different ways, but the most rapid of them – use the scanner and an Internet search of the electronic version of the book (in the digital library, or by title and author, or – if more could not be found – on the quotation from the book of the part we need ). Which is better – it depends on your abilities and inclinations. The resulting fragments of text have to stick together – in any text editor, but preferably one that allows you to...

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Instant essays p. 1

The word “instant”, by analogy with similar coffee, tea, juices and the like, means essays received quickly and without much effort. Note that essays, downloadable from the Internet or copied from disk – a collection of essays, can not be considered real. When something really it was quite possible to download the abstract, print it, without reading it, and pass the teacher. Now there were some obstacles to this course of events. Firstly, the number of people downloading essays, growing much faster than the number of ready essays on relevant sites and disks. As a result, the same summary can...

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Dissertation. Higher education

Investigation into the increase in tuition fees and its impact on students The dissertation examines the debate over the increase of tuition fees within Higher Education (HE) providing a review of literature on the transformation of the HE system, the issues of quality control in HE, the impact of tuition fees on students, the problems related to graduate employment, etc. A study of Brunel Business School students’ perceptions of the tuition fees is conducted. The methods of the research include analysis of secondary data and primary data collected through questionnaires. Conclusions are made about students’ sensitivity toward tuition fee suggesting recommendations...

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