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The project involved organizing groups of people in the rural and urban places and moving each group to the other setting to create new understanding of issues that are found in the setting and learn a few things that would seem relevant and helpful to the participants of the project. The leader had to identify the sample areas and set the example by visiting the chosen areas and sampling the response of the people on the ground. The leader had to mobilize the project members to search for willing participants for the project in a period that was acceptable for the project. The researchers had to choose eligible candidates through carrying out oral interviews with random people in the urban and the rural places. The leader then had to organize means of transport to and from designated locations and the researchers had to spend the day with the chosen teams in the different setting.
The leader also had to explain to the group the aim of the project, the goals and objectives of carrying out the research. This ensured that every member involved in the project not only owned the process but also ensured that they were doing their best to meet the set goals. The aim of the project was to bring the chosen groups in unfamiliar territory and help them to understand issues that affect their counterparts in the setting chosen. The leader needed to involve other participants and people to carry out the research in order to achieve acceptable and effective results. Those chosen for the project needed to go to the ground and source for willing participants who would be transported to the various locations for the research to be carried out. The researchers started out with a random oral interview that established to the research team that the project was manageable. Some challenges that members of the project faced were that some people ignored them, others had busy schedules that would not allow them to participate and others were simply not interested. However, the team managed to get a sizeable number that would participate in the project.
The team was well counseled and was prepared for the various reactions that they would encounter on the ground as they sourced for participants and during the process. This helped the project to be accomplished in the determined time frame. The leader cultivated cooperation within the project members, which helped to reinforce and encourage the team. This gave them the freedom to act in accordance to the project in the best way they thought was right and in a way that would bring guarantee positive results for all involved in the project. The project was successful since the project members found willing participants for the project, did their best to meet the set goals of the project, moreover, the participants enjoyed the experience and learned from it too. The members from the rural setting appreciated the urban environment and challenges that come with the environment and the urban team had the same experience. The leader made effective decisions that helped the goals of the project to be met with ease. The leadership of the project was shared which caused every project member to own the project and deliver good work. If the project were to be repeated, both the leader and the researcher felt that they would do it the same way they had carried it out. The project had several volunteers from urban and rural areas. The volunteers were treated in a fair manner and there were no complaints. Transport to and from the various locations were provided and basic comforts offered. The team delivered more than was expected by the researcher and the participants. Allowing everyone to own the project ensured quality and friendly services. The participants were satisfied with how the staff handled different issues that arose within the project.
For any leader, trust and hope are two virtues that help them and the group to see the work through to the end. They are virtues that when possessed by both the leader and the members of the group help in the realization of the set goals and effective achievement. Trust ensures that the researcher can rely and avoid checking up on fellow project members; it ensures that the members own the project, which in turn ensures that the project is carried out with no hitches. Hope gives the group a fair chance to start and complete the project successfully. When a leader possesses hope, they are able to visualize the future and in turn help the group to have a vision of the expected future. When one is a leader, they need to posses these virtues since they help them to have peace of mind and give the members of the group a chance to be independent and carry out duties with minimum or no supervision. In addition, trust and hope are virtues that help the group to withstand challenges that are unforeseen and help them to forge ahead and complete the project.
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