Spice Up the Hunt for Financial Aid by Applying to No Essay Scholarships

Are you tired of writing essays while searching for scholarships?

If so, there are programs out there that offer decent cash rewards while allowing you to skip the writing process of a traditional scholarship. No essay scholarships are some of the easiest programs out there as they open the doors to more diverse ways of paying for your education. Not that there’s anything wrong with reputable traditional scholarships that provide a challenge, it’s just that students who wish to break out of the mold in their scholarship hunt can do so by applying for other kinds of programs.

These types of scholarships can range in purpose but all have one thing in common. No writing is involved. Unless you’re going to college to be a journalist or are interested in writing novels or screenplays, etc, scholarships that substitute writing for a different activity are a breath of fresh air to many individuals. It is beneficial to find programs that speak to your passions and interest because by doing so you give yourself a better chance of winning some aid. Of course, you could try applying for a highly competitive national scholarship that requires a great deal of work, but if you’re not seeing a decent return on investment in time and effort, it could be a huge downer. Shifting direction to no essay scholarships that emphasize a different skill could help bring motivation and passion to reignite your scholarship search.

Generally, a no essay scholarship can range from sweepstakes to video contests or can even involve something artistic. The trick is locating outside-the-box scholarship sponsors that wish to award students based on other criteria. Being able to write a good essay is definitely a good skill to have, but there are many more talents and skill-sets that a student may excel in yet not get the recognition they deserve. As far as simplicity is concerned, some of the easiest no essay scholarships come from financial institutions that offer sweepstakes to students wishing to combat high tuition and fees. Banks often have sweepstakes to draw students to their student loan service as free money has an incentivizing effect. A few banks that offer scholarship sweepstakes include Wells Fargo, SunTrust and US can also find many no essay scholarships from write my essay uk reviews need someone to write my paper college matchmaking sites. One notable program comes from CollegeProwler’s “No Essay” Scholarship program.

If you’ve been on the hunt for scholarships and are getting a tad weary of composing multiple essays, breaking the mold by finding no essay scholarships is a great way to go. It’s a good idea to search locally (nearby banks, community foundations, etc) first for no essay scholarships as these will have lower competition than national programs. But also be sure to join major scholarship matchmaking sites like Fastweb or Zinch as they can also point you in the right direction. Good Luck!