Useful tips for essay writing – Part 1

Abstract (from the Latin «referre» – report, report) – a small written work, dedicated to a specific topic, the review of sources for some direction. Typically, the purpose of the essay is to – collect and systematize knowledge on a specific topic or issue.
The theme of the abstract should fascinate, first of all, the student, because he will have to work hard on its disclosure. Topics abstracts, usually offer teachers. The student selects a topic of interest to him from the general list and coordinates their choice with the teacher.
In the course of the work the student not only receives information in a particular area, but also develops practical skills of analysis of scientific literature.
These are the basic requirements for the design work, but it should be remembered that in some departments of the university have developed their own rules of making the abstract.

We make and structuring

Summary consists of an introduction, main text, conclusion and bibliography. Summary application may contain, if necessary. Each part begins on a new page.
The headings should clearly and concisely reflect the content of sections, subsections. Titles should be printed with a capital letter. Transfers of words in headers are not allowed. If the title consists of two sentences, they are separated by a point. At the end point of the title does not give. The distance between the headline and the following text should be at least 10 mm.

Title page

The title page is the first page of the essay, filled in strictly defined rules and is issued on a separate sheet of paper (download sample).
The rules cover page design may depend on the accepted standards in the department. Therefore it is recommended to get acquainted with the works of predecessors senior students. Nevertheless, there is a common standard of registration of the title page of the abstract.

Table of contents

Contents placed after the title page. The word “Table of Contents” is written as the header (in the middle). The table of contents lists all the titles of the work and the page indicated. Contents must exactly repeat all the titles in the text.
The introduction of the abstract indicate the relevance of the theme of the abstract, the purpose of the abstract, the problem to be solved in order to achieve this goal. In addition, the introduction of the essay provides a brief description of the structure and operation of used information sources (literature). The volume of injection for the essay – 1-1.5 pages.

Main text

The main text is divided into chapters. If the text is quite voluminous, then head further divided into paragraphs. The heads can end the conclusions, although the essay is not a requirement. Chapters and paragraphs are numbered abstract. The dot after the number is not assigned. essay paragraph number includes the number of the chapter, separated from their own point of numbers, for example. “1.3” Titles should not have hyphens, and underscores, but it is allowed to allocate them in bold or italics.