Useful tips for essay writing – Part 2

If a small essay (total – 8-10 pages), it can not be split into chapters, and simply stated “main part”, which serves as the sole head of the header. However, still more preferable that the text has been divided into chapters (at least two). Typically, in the abstract chapters 3-4. Every new chapter starts on a new page. On the main part of the essay has to pages 6-16.


Finally, conclusions are formed, and suggests ways of further study of the topic. Here you must specify why it is important and relevant matters discussed in the abstract. In conclusion, it should be submitted answers to the challenges in the introduction, the general conclusion is formulated and given an opinion on the achievement of the goal of the abstract. The conclusion should be concise, clear conclusions should follow from the content of the main part.


In compiling the list of references should follow the generally accepted standards. References in the abstract – 4-12 positions. The works mentioned in the bibliography should be relatively new, released over the past 5-10 years. Older sources can be used only if they are unique. How to make a list of references can be found here.


Applications must be numbered in Arabic numerals. In the upper right corner point: “Appendix 1” and a new line – the name of the application. Your example is shown below:
Annex 1
The frequency response of the words used in the experiment

Scientific Style and Accuracy

The text is typed on the computer in a text editor. The text is printed on one side of a sheet of A4 portrait layout. All pages of the text, except for the title page must be numbered. The numbering starts with a table of contents. The page number is placed at the center of the top margin of the page.
Format text pages – 4. A regular typeface – Times New Roman, if necessary, Arial, Tahoma. Font (or font size) – 14. Line spacing – 1,5. (About thirty lines per page). Character spacing – normal. Number of characters per line, including spaces – 60. Fields – standard left – 3 cm, right – 1,5 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm
Recommended volume of abstract – 10-20 pages. With these parameters, it turns out the so-called standard typewritten sheet when the page contains some 1,500 characters with spaces.
Often essay contains tables, charts, and figures, which are located immediately after the reference in the text. For example, you can use such an indication in the text of the abstract: See Table 1.
All illustrations – photos, sketches, graphs, maps, etc. – Called drawings. They should have a title and numbered consecutively with Arabic numbers.
Name of tables, charts and drawings in the abstract is “in the middle of the page.” Table number stamped on the signature to the table after the word “Table” and is “on the right side,” for example, “Table 2”.